World as Collage

Participant: Diane Sophrin

Mission: Having recently finished a prolonged series of mixed-media paintings, my visual work will next shift to new and smaller abstractions in collage, mixed-media and digital manipulation. The piecing together of paper fragments is a fitting act that speaks to the intensifying crisis of our environment by breathing life into discarded materials. In the largest sense, collage serves as allegory of our attempts to make whole our world.

During these past two years of Covid turbulence around the world, I, locked into this little corner, met fear and responded to danger by going deeper into my studio work. This was both a gift and a burden; yet looking back it clearly was a privilege to have had such a profound tool to lean on.

Imagine being unmoored, running rudderless through the Covid chaos while navigating flight from a myriad of complex dangers into the unknowns of a foreign country! Thinking of the trials faced by a number of newly arrived refugees, I am moved to join this March Arts Marathon.

During the month of March I’ll post images of new and developing pieces daily, also including words – of mine, of others – offering passages, posts and poems, thoughts and musings; possibly even sharing musical links. In short, I offer you a month of “visits” to my studio via image, word and sound. Be my guest, my audience and in return, I ask you to lend a hand to the newcomers in our midst.

If welcoming friends, family and colleagues to witness my work each day can help gather support for these brave new arrivals to our community, it would be wonderful!

Our 2022 March Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help CVRAN provide housing, living expenses, and legal fees for the six Asylum Seekers we are currently supporting in Central Vermont and for future asylum seekers. This year we are also providing assistance with housing, furniture, home goods, transportation, and job support to Afghan refugee families who are being resettled in Central Vermont. The March Arts Marathon is a community effort. Each day in March poets, writers, painters, photographers, fabric artists, collage and multimedia artists will each send a copy of their daily work to friends and family. And friends and family will donate to support this work. Together we will be helping to welcome new Americans who in turn will add immeasurably to our own communities.

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