March Arts Marathon Participants

Participants (Click each link to view their personalized fundraising page) Mission
Nicola Morris I plan to do a watercolor sketch each day and write a poem.
Julia Chafets Do a little art each day!
Deborah Sigel I’ll be working on a small illustration every day, unless I get swept up in an invention. Come and see what appears.
Axie Noyes A daily dose of writing and a smattering of drawings
Alix Lindenbaum Poems and visual art
Rachel Walker Cogbill A watercolor or a stage in a watercolor each day
Fran Levine Fiber art, mostly rug hooking, possibly using embroidery threads in a painterly manner.
Laura Ruth I will be playing with watercolors, charcoal, pencils or with words or both during the month of March, as a daily practice, and we’ll see where it leads!
Deborah Armstrong I will be bookmaking a monthlong series of dream titles, one for each day.
Janet Van Fleet I’ll be working on a series of small (8-18″) and large (3-5′) wall-hung figures made with found materials in my studio (assuming the pandemic allows me to go there in March…). I’m at home with my grandsons two days a week and do painting projects with them.
Susan Reid Each day I will write either a poem or a fiddle tune.
Karen Abramowitz Any visual media
Susan Sandman I’ll be making art daily, choosing from my favorites — watercolor, graphite, ink and origami paper — and see what happens.
Loring Starr I plan to make small chapbooks—decorated small notebooks filled with favorite poems and quotes; they take several days to make so I’ll throw in the occasional limerick or decorated greeting card.
Vanessa Brown Knitted hats
Amy Ehrlich Drawings and paintings with pen, pencils, and watercolor. Small nature studies, landscapes, and townscapes.
Pam Walker Watercolor paintings or colored pencil drawings.
Michelle J. Rodriguez Every day I will create a song, guitar riff, musical snippet, or visual artwork to share.
Kathryn Davis Tiny faux biography
Michiko Oishi I’ll write a Haiku or Tanka (Japanese Poetry) each day in Japanese and English and share it by Email.
Jane Wohl I pledge to write a poem a day for March