March Arts Marathon Instructions

First off, Welcome! We’re so happy you want to participate in our March Arts Marathon. The Marathon can be a great adventure and community event, not just a sprint to the finish.

For writers and artists: How the March Arts Marathon works:

  1. Choose your genre or medium: write a poem a day, draft a micro story or essay a day, take a photograph a day, make a sketch a day, paint a watercolor a day. Or perhaps mix it up, writing a poem one day and doing a drawing the next. Or do a mixed media or craft project. Or commit to work daily on an ambitious project. The form your daily practice will take is up to you.
  2. Sign up for your personalized fundraising page. Use our March Arts Marathon template and adapt and personalize it as you wish: Give your fundraiser a name. Upload a sample of your writing or artwork if you wish. On your fundraising page you can also include a donor wall where your friends can write enthusiastic and supportive comments. Click Here to create your fundraising page and register.
  3. Within a few days after you’ve signed up for your fundraising page, you will receive an email with a link to your page. Email your friends and family – all your possible sponsors – and include the link to your fundraising page. Let them know how you plan to share your work with them – whether you’ll email a piece of writing or image of your artwork each day or post on your website, Instagram, Facebook, or however you plan to share your creative work.
  4. Over the 31 days of the March Arts Marathon we will send you optional prompts for your creative work. And you will receive emails from us inviting you to a couple of zoom gatherings with your fellow art and writing marathoners.
  5. We will create two exhibits of participants’ work, one in the middle of the marathon and one at the end. You’ll be invited to submit 3 pieces for each exhibit. Of course, exhibiting is optional.

Thank you for participating in the March Arts Marathon and supporting CVRAN and our work with asylum seekers and Afghan refugees.