March Arts Marathon 2024 Participants

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Participants (Click each link to view their personalized fundraising page) Mission
Nicola Morris On any given day I will be writing paragraphs towards a memoir or painting a watercolor, probably small.
Pamela Walker I will paint what I love: the ocean, mountains, and landscape around here.I will explain my process and challenges.
Rachel Walker Cogbill Watercolors, a daily progression of painting and commentary
Caroline Tavelli-Abar Digital Drawings
Peter Bingham Writing, poetry, photos, drawings
Jane Wohl I pledge to write a poem a day for the marathon, though because the marathon rules have changes, I may take a day off now and then.
Darwin Melchiorre I will be producing a mix of photos of the University of California Santa Cruz campus where I am currently a student as well as ceramic pieces that I am working on at the Co-op studio on campus.
Susan Bull Riley Each daily post will include photos of my paintings (from delicate watercolors to large oil landscapes) that reflect the process of how they were made, why I made them, and commentary on what I encounter in my daily journey of being a full-time painter.
Orah Moore I will be sharing photographs shot within a mile or two from my home both on foot and my usual driving routes. There will be some haiku and essays focusing on the “Home”. Some of the photos will also introduce asemic writing and I will talk about what that means to me.
Janet Van Fleet I am making sculptures with found and repurposed materials. Every day sponsors will see a new one from the recent past or current work.
Deb Sigel I’ll be doing a series of creative illustration pieces, starting with the theme of “bad ideas”, because let’s face it, good ideas have to start somewhere, and failure is often funnier than reality.
Axie Noyes A mixture of writings, drawings and spoken word.
Simone Arnold To write a poem each day of the challenge that captures humanity in all its grit and beauty.
Nancy Gore Quilting, writing, collage and/or other whimsies
Larry Bowling I will be sending out images of completed paintings and collages as well as images of works in progress.
Loring Starr This fall and winter, I have been making mobiles. So I will continue that for the 2024 Arts Marathon. I set up a mobile-making studio, and actually sold four mobiles in December at a craft fair in Calais, Vermont. So I may have some mobiles for sale at the end of the Marathon. These Arts Marathons have been wonderful journeys with all my past sponsors, and I look forward to this year!
Angela V. Grace Interacting art brings me great fun and joy. I plan to write a very short story each day from an opening or closing line supplied by you. Please respond to my email with a line and we will do this together! Thanks.
Janet MacLeod Works made from paper, either cut outs or papier-mâché and paint, either oil or watercolor
Lucy Wollaeger I plan to mix it up by including a variety of mediums that I enjoy exploring: drawing, watercolor, paper sculpture, felted creatures, and scarf designing.
Susan Sawyer I’ll be making closely observed drawings and paintings of native plants and the occasional invertebrate or landscape, accompanied by comments on natural history and art process.
Deena Frankel Pen and ink, watercolor, computer graphics, tiny free libraries
Sally Giddings Smith I’ll be working this month of several large ‘story’ pieces, plus sketching as I travel to visit friends!
Lulu Wootton Prints: Relief, Linoleum, Drypoint etc!
Gabriela Melchiorre I have an array of fiber arts both fun and political
Irina Markova I will create new work that blends my photos with weaving, collage, ceramics & found “treasures.”
Jan Waterman and Andy Robinson It’s a two-fer! Andy and I will share our offerings March 1 through 31, each of us on 3 days every week = 6 days a week.
Jenn Anthony Each day I will share sketches, collages, and/or miniature watercolor paintings. My work lately has been figures in unusual landscapes.
Joyce Kahn An eclectic mix of paintings in different mediums- pastel, oil, gouache, watercolor or combinations.
Susan Reid Recipients will get written text of poems or audio files of tunes. Sheet music for the tunes will eventually arrive as well.
Grace Cothalis It’ll be a mix of the different media I work in, collage cards, soft pastels or colored pencil mandalas!
Janet Starr, Susan Cohen and Fran Levine A variety of Fiber Arts
Anne Davis Paintings & Drawings – Studio life – Stories and comics – Lots of visuals – Art I like to look at – And more
David Klein Drawings and cartoons (and music and poetry, perhaps performance art)
Eric Levi Jacobson A collection of stories from Jerusalem, Berlin, New York and London, and then back again
Lynn Wild A photo with commentary/poem from our 54 day road trip through 22 states
Marcy Hale I will share photos focusing primarily on our small backyard sugaring operation. Other photo subjects may be included during the month as well.
Suzanne Rexford-Winston Collage and some dabbling
Marie LaPré Grabon Traditional Rug Hooking
Ruth Witte I will be showering sponsors with colorful art masterpieces and perhaps some poetry and other artistic endeavors created by yours truly and the grandchildren. This is a fundraiser that allows me to do something I love for something I believe in.
Glen Hutcheson One small watercolor / mixed media still life every day, posted to my website and instagram account @glencoburnhutcheson.
Nancy Chapman Watercolor
Lucy Morris As I move around the day I plan to share with you through photography, beauty that pops out at me.
Sarah Franklin Each day you’ll receive a poem I just wrote or a video reading of a recent poem of mine. I hope you’ll enjoy the variety.