March Arts Marathon 2023 Participants

Participants (Click each link to view their personalized fundraising page) Mission
Nicola Morris Paintings, drawings and writings. Every day you’ll receive either a visual piece or a written piece.
Rachel Walker Cogbill A watercolor about nature each day, or a stage thereof, and comments
Jane Wohl I will write something every day, usually a poem, but I might venture into short prose pieces.
Axie Noyes Writing, art, and voice
Deborah Sigel I’ll be doing a mix of illustration styles from children’s book, to technical, graphic novel, or whatever comes up.
Linzy Lyne I plan to write a song or part of a song, or talk about writing songs, every day in March and hopefully end up with at least one song and even a tune!
Caroline Tavelli-Abar Digital Drawings
Angela Grace I am taking photos of trees that have died, yet still support life. I will add small drawings or thoughtful comments. I may also do some research on how trees survive and why they may die. It sounds like fun, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.
Deena Frankel Tiny Little Libraries, Fiber Arts, Paper & Ink
Susan Reid I will write either a poem or a tune each day. The tunes will initially be sent out in audio format, but sheet music will follow.will send the tune
Savanna Winston Multi media projects
Terry Cleveland I will publish either a work of writing or a photograph, or maybe both, each day.
R.D. Eno To write or complete one poem a day for 31 days, and to make at least one of them funny.
Janet Starr Functional fiber art
Loring Starr I’ll be making mobiles, greeting cards (lots of glitter), and perhaps a small booklet about bees, with collected poems and pictures.
Suzanne Rexford-Winston I intend to make collages and block prints each day during March
Darwin Melchiorre I am working on a fantasy animated movie/show and I will share 5-15 second sections and the script pages that accompany them, supplemented with other art both related to the project and not.
Jan Waterman Short written pieces, personal reflections
Margaret Blanchard I will curate, as well as participate in a collection of stories, poems, drawings and photos.
Danielle Chamberlin Painting and Poetry
Ruth Coppersmith Miscellaneous multimedia musings for the merry (I hope) month of March.
David Klein Colored pencil drawings, cartoons, music, poems
Sylvia Fagin Multi-Media Collage
Susan Bull Riley Posting daily work as I go through the process of creating oils and watercolors of the birds, plants, and landscapes around me in East Montpelier
Peter Bingham My mission is to be reflective, tangential, aware, open, and intelligible
Julia Chafets A line drawing each day as preparation for a mural to paint on my wall!
Sarah Franklin 31 poems in 31 days –this year my plan is to alternate between writing a new poem and sending you a video reading of an earlier poem. I shall aim to craft both writing and reading as well as time, inspiration and stamina permit.
Georgia Landau Mixed media drawings
Patty Joslyn Exphrastic – words that speak to images & images that speak to words
Susan Sawyer Daily posting images from nature: sketches, works in progress, and finished drawings and paintings in graphite, watercolor, and silverpoint, with comments.
Marcy Hale I will share a photo every day, mostly of our small backyard sugaring operation.
Richard Littauer I’m going to write an entry a day, describing a subspecies of bird here in Vermont
Lulu Wootton A month of daily posts from my home-based Vermont printmaking studio will illustrate works in progress sharing the elements that go into my art.
Lucy Morris Fun photography of cats and nature, and maybe some poetry 😊
Erica Zimmerman A daily glimpse of our farm – through a few unpolished photos and sometimes a snip of a story, I’ll count on the animals to share their beauty. It may get messy – it is March! In a flick of a lamb’s tail, we’ll sneak under the wire, like Frankie here, to see what emerges.