March Arts Marathon 2022 Participants

Participants (Click each link to view their personalized fundraising page) Mission
Nicola Morris I will write and revise poems for a marathon chapbook. I’ll also paint each day. The paintings might illustrate the chapbook.
Amy Ehrlich I plan to do a drawing or a painting or a photograph or a piece of writing every day in March. I want to mix it up!
Rachel Walker Cogbill Watercolor paintings
Ruth Witte Create a new masterpiece (painting, tissue paper, writing) each day through the Month of March
Jane Wohl I will write a poem a day
Susan Reid Every day I will write either a poem or a tune. There will be both sheet music and a recording when the creation is a tune.
Alexandra (axie) Noyes A short piece of writing. Occasional art.
Janet Van Fleet I’ve been working on creating a record of my artmaking career over the last 25 years. During the March Marathon I will send an image (or more) each day, in chronological order, along with some reflections about the work and my perspective in the here and now.
Kathryn Davis A brief narrative describing something that happened on that particular day.
Ilene Elliott Nature Photography, VT haiku, & Short Essays about Life
R.D. Eno To produce one poem a day.
Orah Moore Masked and unmasked photo of a community member each day
Caroline Tavelli-Abar Small works: digital drawings, watercolor, collage, photography or poetry depending on the muse
Nancy Gore Something creative each day: quilting, decoupage, might even be a short piece of writing or two
Annie Wattles I plan to experiment with new materials and build on my new and old favorite avenues for artistic expression. I will write and paint and draw and take photos. I am so excited for this opportunity to be involved in this elegant process that is good for all involved.
Deborah Sigel I’ll be doing either a freeform small illustrations or working towards completing illustrations of one of the many children’s books I’ve started.
Susan Sandman Art (watercolor, cartoons) and Music (lute and viol performances)
Pamela Wilson Follow along as I design, spin, dye and weave a new piece for the Receiving Blanket series
Angela Grace Each day a photo
Amends to ancient poets
Haiku, photo, me.
Anne Cummings I have been planning a series of “carbon footprint portraits” of the major mountain peaks of Vermont for a number of years, and this will give me an incentive to move forward with it, while also sharing my love of the Vermont mountains with new residents and expressing my environmental message. Each day would vary from collecting recycled materials, to doing preparatory sketches and layouts, to collaging the actual pieces.
Pam Walker waterclor painting, a sketch, or pen and ink drawing
Barbara C. Johnson Each day I’ll edit one of the photographs in my own collection (people, places, influences, adventures, etc.), and I’ll write something about why that image is important to me.
Diane Sophrin Having recently finished a prolonged series of mixed-media paintings, my visual work will next shift to new and smaller abstractions in collage, mixed-media and digital manipulation. The piecing together of paper fragments is a fitting act that speaks to the intensifying crisis of our environment by breathing life into discarded materials. In the largest sense, collage serves as allegory of our attempts to make whole our world.
Elizabeth Robechek sharing images of gardens designed/built interspersed with drawings and daily messages from the land
Darwin Melchiorre I am 17 years old, and I do a large range of different types of largely realism art. I will be sending photos of watercolor paintings, ceramic pieces, sketches, poetry and nature photographs.
Carolyn Shapiro sketches and watercolor
Sarah Franklin 31 poems in 31 days –as well crafted as inspiration and stamina permit.
David Klein Instead of (or in addition to) laying (lying?) in bed all day, I’ll CREATE something?! Last year, it was a series of drawings fo my distant granddaughters,and some poems.Maybe some cartoons or live performance as well, this year. Can I do it?
Alix Lindenbaum I will write a poem a day and perhaps some visual creations here and there <3
Deb Dwyer an iPad drawing or painting
Janet Starr I will be working on several fiber art pieces which involve rug hooking and sewing.
Molly Goodspeed I will produce a piece of writing, a photograph, or a drawing each day in march 🙂.
Margaret Blanchard Poems, some with stained glass or photo images
Sylvia Fagin Multi-Media Collage
Susan Ritz Photos, watercolors and tiny essays
Twink Lester I’m going to write short anecdotes every day for my book.
Loring Starr I’ll be mixing it up. At least one mobile made with shells, some greeting cards, maybe a small chapbook.
Sally Stetson Graphic Designs/Paintings/Photography/Words
Susan Winslow Tag art (a sample of a collaged gift tag is attached)
Larry Bowling I am a visual artist working in oil, wax, and collage. I will be sending out images of works in various stages as they progress and finished pieces as well.
Linzy Lyne A short anecdotal piece of prose
Amanda Payne I plan to produce a drawing or a piece of writing (prose/poetry)
Ros Cordiner Diary
Anne Davis Paintings and drawings
Ruth Coppersmith I am as ever a creative eclectic and so my contributions will be though the theme that binds them will be to make a journal of some sort of my creative responses to and output during the pandemic.
Lynn Wild To share my poetry, observations, photos of this amazing world
Amy Handy My mission is to create something daily through March. I write poetry and paint in watercolor, gouache or oils. I draw also in pencil, ink and watercolors. Sometimes I make puppets.
Ginger Nickerson Multiple Mystery Media: watch them change before your eyes
Lucy Morris Cats & Nature Photos
Jim Rader I hope to write at least one poem each day during March. To all my sponsors I will send one poem each day – either the one drafted the previous day, or, if that doesn’t seem worthy of sharing, a poem from my 75-year “portfolio”.