March Art Marathon 2022 (Orah Moore)

Participant: Orah Moore

Mission: Masked and unmasked photo of a community member each day

March Art Marathon 2022 project: I would like to find a person a day in the community I live in to photograph both masked and unmasked. Both are part of our lives like it or not for the present. It will help me sort through, as an artist and community member, the concept of place and identity: two things our refugees and asylum seekers have to deal with.

I am a life -long photographer of people and the natural world. Last year I photographed the natural world for this fund-raiser and this year I would like to photograph my community. This marathon encouraged me to be a volunteer with CVRAN and participating as a driver and conversation partner opened up a world where I saw the importance of having a support system when transitioning into very unfamiliar places…building bridges of trust.

This daily practice of both creating and sharing (with sponsors) was both challenging and fulfilling. My large group of sponsors were an inspiration to me to complete the marathon… for a true marathon needs supporters and those who wish to see us succeed.

All money raised will go toward housing, living expenses, and legal fees for the asylum seekers whom CVRAN is supporting in Central Vermont. And this year we are also providing furniture, home goods, transportation, English language instruction, and friendship to Afghan refugee families who are being resettled in Central Vermont.

(For this page I have grabbed photos of myself and fellow marathoner, Janet Van fleet from past years)

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