Loring Starr, March Arts Marathon

Participant: Loring Starr

Mission: I plan to make small chapbooks—decorated small notebooks filled with favorite poems and quotes; they take several days to make so I’ll throw in the occasional limerick or decorated greeting card.

March Arts Marathon is a fundraiser for Asylum Seekers Assistance Network (ASAN), a project of CVRAN. The work of ASAN is to get asylum seekers out of detention and resettled in Central Vermont. We are already supporting a family of four and plan to take in other asylum seekers this year. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for legal bonds, living expenses, and lawyers’ fees. March Arts Marathon is a community effort: Every day in March, poets and writers and artists and photographers will each send a piece of work to friends and family. And friends and family will donate to support this work. Together we will be helping to welcome new Americans who in turn will add immeasurably to our own communities.

Notes from Loring: Here are two pictures of an eight-page chapbook I made about trees. For this book, I researched quotes about trees, from various sources; and included several of my most-loved poems about trees: “Big Green Tree” by Dennis Murphy of Plainfield; “Great Trees,” or “Slowly, Slowly They Return” by Wendell Berry; and “When I am Among the Trees” by Mary Oliver. I use images from old calendars and postcards, my photos, stock images from sample books, etc. I’m open to suggestions for future topics.

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