Fauxsongs and Doggerel

Participant: R.D. Eno

Mission: To produce one poem a day.

It seems foolish to me to describe in advance a collection of poems most of which I haven’t written yet. I can’t predict what will happen when I wrangle my Muse, demanding: Give it up, already! Often what comes out is something reminiscent of folk song — rhymed, regularly metered and made of actions and images. And since a few of March’s poems will be revisions and salvage of unfinished or discarded work, I feel safe in telling you that there will be fauxsongs in the collection. A second component will be (I hope) incidents in the life and death of a character I call Doggerel, and I must warn my sponsors that they can expect strong language and unpleasant, even possibly offensive imagery. But I assume that I’m writing for adults in these dark and difficult times.

I am also writing on behalf of refugees, many of whom must have come out of even deeper darkness and thornier difficulties. They are, for the moment, strangers among us. The Hebrew scripture enjoins us 36 times to treat justly and lovingly with the “gerim”, the strangers in our midst, and the “gerim” are enjoined to observe and respect the law. But, lately, some of our native-born neighbors have become strangers to us, alienating themselves from the laws and values our “gerim” have come here to embrace. It is a wonder to me and a rare source of hope that refugees should be seeking asylum in this homeland, from which I feel myself increasingly estranged. In helping them, perhaps we can help dispel the darkness that besets us.

Our 2022 March Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help CVRAN provide housing, living expenses, and legal fees for the six Asylum Seekers we are currently supporting in Central Vermont and for future asylum seekers. This year we are also providing assistance with housing, furniture, home goods, transportation, and job support to Afghan refugee families who are being resettled in Central Vermont. The March Arts Marathon is a community effort. Each day in March poets, writers, painters, photographers, fabric artists, collage and multimedia artists will each send a copy of their daily work to friends and family. And friends and family will donate to support this work. Together we will be helping to welcome new Americans who in turn will add immeasurably to our own communities.

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