Caroline Tavelli-Abar 2022 March Arts Marathon

Participant: Caroline Tavelli-Abar

Mission: Small works: digital drawings, watercolor, collage, photography or poetry depending on the muse

Friend Ship

They call it friendship
for like the mighty vessels of old
it sails the open seas

Braving every storm
Scale-ing every peak
From the highest Ups
To the downright lows
Friendship never wavers
In words and in silences
It sails

Virtually unsinkable
Steadfast friendship

Thru death and the years
Thru time apart and tears
It holds its ground

And even when held up ashore

Cooped up in Months of waiting

Friend ship remains
Steady to the last
Breath of soul and

For like the ships of old
From sea floor to shinning sea
Its treasures still unfold


Our 2022 March Arts Marathon is a fundraiser to help CVRAN provide housing, living expenses, and legal fees for the six Asylum Seekers we are currently supporting in Central Vermont and for future asylum seekers. This year we are also providing assistance with housing, furniture, home goods, transportation, and job support to Afghan refugee families who are being resettled in Central Vermont. The March Arts Marathon is a community effort. Each day in March poets, writers, painters, photographers, fabric artists, collage and multimedia artists will each send a copy of their daily work to friends and family. And friends and family will donate to support this work. Together we will be helping to welcome new Americans who in turn will add immeasurably to our own communities.

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