A Post Pandemic? Book of Days for the month of March

Participant: Ruth Coppersmith

Mission: Miscellaneous multimedia musings for the merry (I hope) month of March.

Hello friends,

I apologize if you are receiving a duplicate of this message.

I’m writing to you about my POST? (or at least waning) PANDEMIC Book of Days (a la Patty Smith) project, part of the 2023 March Arts Marathon organized by the Central Vermont Refugee Action Network (CVRAN). This is the third year of the marathon and the second year I am participating. The first year I participated was a revelation to me – that I could actually create on a daily basis and that people were eager to see what I was up to creatively, to give me feedback (or not), and to support my artistic efforts and simultaneously a wonderful organization – CVRAN. For those of you who sponsored me last time, I hope you will be able to again, and for new supporters, thanks so much for joining us. All sponsorships are greatly appreciated. No donation is too small. Your support, encouragement and responses are most welcome.
I have worked as a volunteer with CVRAN for a number of years and have seen the incredible work they do to help settle refugees, asylum seekers , and now Afghans in Central VT.
So many of our ancestors have arrived in this country as immigrants or refugees and have been offered a helping hand to settle here and thrive. I want to be able to continue to extend that helping hand to other new arrivals. To do so through my artwork is truly an honor.
I hope you will enjoy my daily art missives, that they will sometimes make you smile, sometimes perhaps elicit a nod of recognition as we continue to live our lives in this pandemic era.

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