An Online Arts Feast!

February 19, 2024 0 Comments

The March Arts Marathon Is Here!

We are deep into our second – or is it our third – mud season of the winter. If you need a little color, a dose of creativity, some catchy music or visual stimulation in the midst of stick season, the 4th Annual March Arts Marathon might just make your heart sing. As part of a fundraiser for the Central Vermont Refugee Action Network (CVRAN), 35 to 40 artists will be sharing near daily updates as they paint, draw, write, sing, photograph and more during the month of March. You can sponsor an artist and receive those updates in your inbox. All the money raised goes toward aiding asylum seekers and refugees with housing, living expenses, legal fees, and a myriad of other types of support provided by CVRAN in Central Vermont.

Digital art by Caroline Tavelli_Abar: songbird in blue.
Digital art by Caroline Tavelli-Abar, Marathon 2024 participant.

2024 marks the fourth year of the Marathon and it is CVRAN’s top fundraiser. Creating and sharing something online almost every day is no small thing for artists yet they love every minute of it.

“In 2021, I began my first March Arts Marathon. I have looked forward to this fundraising event ever since, for not only has my creativity soared, but thanks to the efforts of CVRAN, it has been a pure joy connecting to our joint humanity.” Caroline Tavelli-Abar, visual artist.

You can sponsor one or more Marathon artists and receive a feast of creativity in your inbox all through March. Click here to see the list of participating 2024 artists. Sign up to sponsor an artist or two, and while you’re there, browse the gallery of past Marathon artwork. You’ll get some lovely emails and help CVRAN support our newest neighbors at the same time.

If you need a little pick-me-up during muddy March, the CVRAN Arts Marathon is just the thing!

Sculpture by Axie Noyes: Man hitting tennis balls.
Sculpture by Axie Noyes, Marathon 2024 participant: Man hitting tennis balls.
Susan Bull Riley: Nuthatch with aluminum leaf
Susan Bull Riley, Marathon 2024 participant: Nuthatch with aluminum leaf.