What Are Fellow CVRAN Members Reading?

November 24, 2023 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, we sent out a request to CVRAN members asking if they had read any good books focused on refugees, asylum seekers, or immigration.  Here are several of those recommendations along with links to help you learn more about the books.  We’ll send out more in the next few weeks. Hope you find something to enjoy yourself or want to share!


Book cover: Solito by Javier ZamoraSolito by Javier Zamore is the author’s own story. He leaves his grandparents behind in El Salvador and, at the age of 10, travels with a coyote to join his parents in the US.

Two CVRAN members recommended this book.  One said “…..recommended it to my entire book group. It is a memoir about an undocumented child crossing alone to meet his parents who were already here. It is really compelling. Highly recommend.”

To learn more about Solito, take a look at these online book reviews:

Solito is available at the Kellogg Hubbard and Waterbury Public libraries.


Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck is the story of Richard, a widowed professor living in Berlin. He lives a quiet routine life until he takes the time to talk to some African refugees staging a hunger strike. As he gets to know them, everything changes.

To learn more about Go, Went, Gone, take a look at these online book reviews:

Go, Went, Gone is available at the Kellogg Hubbard and Waterbury Public Libraries as well as the Aldrich Library in Barre.

Graphic Novel

When Stars Are Scattered by Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jamieson shares the lived experience of Mohamed himself as a child in the Dadaab Refugee camp in Kenya. He lived there for 18 years after fleeing civil war in his homeland of Somalia.

To learn more about  When Stars Are Scattered, scroll through these online resources: