CVRAN Needs A New Coordinator of Volunteers: Could It Be You?

August 11, 2023 0 Comments

The Coordinator of Volunteers is a key person within CVRAN. The coordinator links volunteers with the Team Leaders who request help with certain tasks. They get to know many of the people involved in the work of CVRAN. It also gives one a good overview of who we serve and what their needs are.

The description below provides more information on the Coordinator’s position. You can also download the description as a PDF here.

Sound like something you would like to do? Have questions? Send us an email at ( or give us a call at (802) 522-3011.

Who is the CVRAN Volunteer Coordinator?

The Volunteer Coordinator is a key person for our primarily all volunteer organization. The great majority of our tasks are done by volunteers. The coordinator connects the volunteers with the tasks and the Team Leaders. When volunteers sign up, the coordinator notes their skills and interests and keeps them in mind for upcoming work possibilities. Volunteer Coordinator is an unpaid position.

Skills Required – Well organized, good interpersonal skills, good computer skills, promptness in reaching out and following up with volunteers and Team Leaders, dedication to CVRAN’s mission of welcoming our new Vermonters, and ability to keep confidentiality.

Time Commitment – approximately 1 to 5 hours per week. Will vary from week to week depending on needs

Description of Duties – The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Team Leaders and Directors to address their requests for services for our refugees and asylum seekers. These requests can be for activities such as transportation, childcare, ESL tutoring, driving lessons, job searches, etc. The Volunteer Coordinator keeps a database of all the CVRAN volunteers and contacts them for assistance with these requests.

Register and welcome new volunteers – Once a prospective volunteer submits his/her volunteer registration form online, a copy of the completed form is automatically emailed to the Volunteer Coordinator. The Coordinator then contacts the new volunteer to welcome them and, based on the information on the volunteer form, may ask for additional information such as professional training, background and experience, interests, availability, and how they know about CVRAN.

Connect Volunteers with the Team Leaders and CVRAN Directors who have requested specific volunteer assistance for the refugees/asylum seekers. Team Leaders and others will reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator for help finding volunteers for certain tasks and activities.

If a new volunteer seems to have the skills a Team Leader is looking for, the VC will reach out to the volunteer letting him/her know that a Team Leader will be contacting them. The VC will alert the Team Leader to the skills and willingness of the volunteer and put them in touch. The VC sends out individual or group requests to volunteers asking for assistance with particular tasks.

Maintain a Database of all Registered Volunteers – The volunteer database is used both to contact one or more individual volunteers as well as to send out group notices and requests. The database is automatically generated by the website. The Volunteer Coordinator works with the Website Manager to ensure the information is current and accurate.

Maintain the CVRAN Structure and Contacts Directory – This is an internal document used by the Directors, Managers, and Team Leaders as a handy reference of the people involved in the CVRAN organization (officers and directors, committee members, designated service directors, etc.) and gives their contact information.