A Marathon of Creativity!

Portrait of a tiny library by Deena Frankel
Deena Frankel’s “Tiny Library”, CVRAN 2022 Art Marathon.

There is something magical happening online this month. Just as we are beginning the slow slide into mud season, artists from Central Vermont and beyond are diving deep into their creative work. As part of a fundraiser for CVRAN, 36 artists are sharing daily updates as they paint, draw, write, sing, photograph and more during the month of March. People can sponsor an artist and receive those daily updates in their inbox. All money raised goes toward housing, living expenses, and legal fees for the asylum seekers, refugees, and others supported by CVRAN in Central Vermont. If you need a little pick-me-up during muddy March, the Arts Marathon is just the thing!

2023 marks the third year of the Marathon and it is CVRAN’s top fundraiser. You would think that artists might be a little hesitant to join the Marathon. After all, creating and sharing something online every day is no small thing. Instead, participants are loving every minute of it. They call it as an experience that ‘intensifies their art’ and ‘enriches it.’ One described it as an ‘unexpectedly beautiful thing’ and was surprised at how much the experience gave back to her as an artist. As another noted, the Marathon is a goal-oriented way to improve yourself, share art with lots of people, and help support people who really need it.  Nicola Morris, writer and visual artist, helped create and coordinates the annual event. Her enthusiasm and support helps the artists get through a very busy month.

Painting of Snow Squall Sirens by Caroline Tavelli-Abar
Caroline Tavelli-Abar’s “Snow Squall Sirens”. CVRAN’s 2022 Art Marathon.

It’s not too late for you to sponsor an artist and receive a daily shot of creative work in your inbox. Visit the CVRAN website (cvran.org) and click on the March Arts Marathon 2023 button to see the list of participating artists. Sign up to sponsor an artist or two, browse the gallery of 2021 and 2022 artwork. You’ll get some lovely things in your email each day and help CVRAN support our newest neighbors at the same time. Win, win, WIN!