Equal Exchange Products Fund Raiser

Would you like to buy olive oil from Palestinian farmers, pecans from African American growers in our south, or support a 4,500 member cooperative in Kerala, India, that works on elephant friendly fencing, safe water systems, and schooling through buying cashew? Purchase these items and more at the website cvran.justfoodhub.us

All the items on the website are from Equal Exchange, an organization that benefits cooperatives and small farmers of economically disadvantaged peoples around the world. Buy them to support new Vermonters.

It’s easy:
  1. Go on to the website to make your order: cvran.justfoodhub.us
  2. Order by Nov. 21st or Dec. 9th. Pick up one week later in Montpelier (see website).
  3. 30% of what you order will go to CVRAN to support its work!
  4. Share this order list with friends.

With many thanks to Sue & John Morris of Marshfield who run this website & its work, free of charge, for good causes