Montpelier Teenager Makes Substantial Donation To Help Asylum Seekers in Montpelier

Moss close-upRussell Clar, an 8th grader at the Montpelier Middle School and a member of the Beth Jacob Synagogue is our newest generous supporter. For his Bar Mitzvah service project in April, he was inspired to support the effort to promote refugee justice. Instead of receiving gifts himself he chose to have any gifts for him directed to CVRAN in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. He researched online and found CVRAN.

He sees the plight of refugees as a timeless issue, especially poignant now with so many people fleeing violence, poverty, and drought in their home countries. As a Jew, he is acutely sensitive to what it means to flee and to be a refugee.

Russell is a talented photographer and sells his unusual images of the natural world online. He is planning to donate some of the profits to CVRAN.

Thank you, Russell, for your generous spirit and creative project. The more than $800 you raised will support our monthly budget for the asylum seekers we are hosting while they await their work permits and final asylum hearings.