Reading to End Racism Offers Online Resources for Children and Those Who Work with Them

Until Covid-19, volunteers with Central Vermont Reading to End Racism were going into elementary school classrooms to read high quality children’s books with students as a way of illuminating and discussing issues of multiculturalism, equity, racism, and immigration.  The goal is to raise awareness of the harm racism causes and help develop strategies to actively counter racism in order to create a supportive and welcoming environment for all children.

Now that Central Vermont Reading to End Racism volunteers can no longer go into local schools, the group has created a list of links to children’s books and videos that are free and available online with other people reading the books.  Reading to End Racism has many of these links posted now and more resources will be added throughout the year.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher and want to create meaningful home instruction on vital themes while connecting school learning to a love of books and reading, check out the blogspot now so you can look for good books and ideas about how to use them with children.  Purchase the books yourself at your local bookstore.  Give them as presents and read them aloud.  Share the blogspot address with its list of video links on your social media sites with other families and with teachers.  Check back regularly to see what has been added, or sign up for email notifications.

The blogspot is divided into books from grades K-3 and 3-5.  For each book there is an introduction for teachers and parents, suggested topics for discussion, and a link to the video reading.

The address for the blogspot is