How ICE Helps Spread the Coronavirus

According to an investigation by The New York Times and The Marshall Project, U.S.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement has become both a domestic and global spreader of the coronavirus.  Even as lockdowns and other measures are being taken around the world to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, ICE has continued to detain people, move them from state to state, and deport them.

Detainees are exposed to Covid-19 in cramped and unsanitary detention centers, and so far ICE has confirmed at least 3000 coronavirus-positive detainees, though testing has been limited.   Further spreading the virus, detainees who may be infected are often moved from facilities in one state to another.  And from March to June more than 200 deportation flights carrying migrants, some of them ill with coronavirus, have left the U.S. for their home countries.  So far governments of 11 countries  have confirmed that deportees returned home with Covid19.  As of early July, ICE said that it was still able to test only a sample of migrants before sending them home.  Yet deportation flights continue.