Continued Deportation of Children

Since March the Trump administration has been quietly violating a federal; anti-trafficking law by turning back unaccompanied children at the southern border. Many of the children are younger than 13. So far more than 20000 have been sent back to their countries of origin. With the pandemic as an excuse, unaccompanied children have been denied their right to protective custody and the chance to tell their stories to an asylum officer or judge. Our government is returning children targeted by gangs back to their tormentors, and abused children back to their abusers. But public health experts say that Refugee Resettlement shelters are nearly empty and there is plenty of room to quarantine children for 14 days. In addition Homeland Security has told parents in family detention that if they’re worried about the coronavirus they can get their children released. This is an untenable choice for parents between keeping children in conditions of dangerous contagion or being separated from them, perhaps permanently.