Established in 2015, the Central Vermont Refugee Action Network, Inc. (CVRAN) is a Board-governed, registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Montpelier and dedicated to making our communities welcoming safe places for New Vermonters from countries around the world to visit, work, and live in.

Some of these New Vermonters are refugees who were in refugee camps for many years, and suffered from persecution, violence, instability, deprivation, and homelessness before being allowed to enter the United States. Others are asylum seekers who are unable to return to their home countries for the same reasons but fled as individuals or families and are in the process of applying to the federal government for asylum. And still others are migrant farm workers who have left their permanent homes to work on dairy farms, usually for years at a time.

March Arts Marathon!

The March Arts Marathon is underway. Check out the participants list below to view participating artists and writers.

Writers and artists of all kinds and at every level - brand-new, long-established, and everything in between - are producing work every day and, with their supporters, raising money for the Asylum Seekers Assistance Network (ASAN), a project of CVRAN.

All the artists are developing a daily creative practice ranging from poems, essays, stories, multi-genre pieces, sketches, paintings, photographs, collages, fabric art, and musical composition. Their sponsors have committed to supporting the artists in their daily practice and are receiving the artists' work every day. All the money raised will go to legal bonds, living expenses, and legal fees to get asylum seekers out of ICE detention and resettled in Central Vermont as they await their court hearings.

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A BIG thank you to our underwriters who have made March Arts Marathon possible:

Arne and Deborah Abramowitz
Sam and Michele Clark
Darryl Bloom