Central Vermont Refugee Action Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our local communities welcoming, viable, and safe places for refugees and immigrants to visit, work, and live in. We work in cooperation with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program and other Vermont refugee and immigrant organizations to achieve these goals.


"I will be one of few DACA recipients inside the Supreme Court tomorrow to hear the arguments for DACA.

We are here because our communities continue to fight back and will continue to have each other’s backs. Together, we’ll make sure the justices see us as they head into the court, during the hearing and after they leave.

Right now, so many of us who have fought and continue to give a piece of ourselves to our movement are making our way to D.C. We’ll be present to show the Supreme Court that we roll deep, especially in times of uncertainty.

Will you join us in action ?

Count Me In
Tomorrow, we will show our power, our strength, and our resilience! We will chant, sing, and declare that we aren’t afraid, that we aren’t going anywhere, that we are Here To Stay. Are you with me?

Hell Yeah!
Whatever decision we get from the Supreme Court between January and June of 2020 will affect all of us, my sisters both with and without DACA, my friends who are fully undocumented and all the mix status families across the country. If enough of us come together and show the power that we have not only will we show the Supreme Court but every person in power in our cities and towns that we won’t stop until we get permanent protection for ALL communities and abolish the agencies that continue to kill us.

This one is for the books, I hope to see you in the streets.

Greisa and the rest of the team at UWD

P.S. Don’t forget. This Friday, November 15th, join me and many from the UWD team as we have a conversation and spill all the tea of what this all means for us."
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3 days ago

"Use tax money to help families, not punish them.
Migrant families deserve to be treated with dignity.

Our legislators must stop spending taxpayer funds on policies that violate human rights. No one should ever be punished for protecting their families from violence when bravely seeking asylum — but that’s what is happening right now at our southern border.

An experimental program known as “Remain in Mexico” is leaving thousands of families, many with young children, stranded in dangerous conditions without permanent shelter. U.S. border agents are forcing asylum-seekers to wait in long lines where they face threats of extortion and violence. For the migrants who make it into the U.S. asylum system, they are met with the cruelty of indefinite detention in immigration jails. Deplorable conditions have caused migrants to go on hunger-strikes to resist the injustice of their treatment, and medical attention is so insufficient that people have died in the custody of the U.S. government.

Urge your representatives to cut funding for abusive practices asylum-seekers are made to endure. Ask them to lower funding levels for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), cut funds for immigrant detention, and withhold funds for the border wall or other barrier construction.

As people of faith and conscience, we demand Congress instead direct its spending toward better care, protection, integration, and support systems for families arriving at the U.S. border in search of safe haven.

Asylum-seekers deserve to be treated with dignity. Please, take a moment to send a message that your tax dollars should be used to help families in need, not punish them."
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1 week ago

Dear Margaret,

Next Tuesday, November 12th, No More Deaths volunteers will walk into federal court once more to witness our friend and comrade, Dr. Scott Warren, be tried on felony harboring charges for providing two men from Central America with food, water, clothing and beds.

This will be the fourth federal trial our organization has faced this year. If your head is spinning from all the different cases, charges, rulings, motions, trials and re-trials that have happened since January - believe us, we get it. 2019 has been a whirlwind.
This is why we are inviting you to join our webinar Water Not Walls: Resisting the Criminalization of Aid in the Borderlands on Sunday, November 10th at 1pm MST. We will give an overview of the legal challenges No More Deaths has faced this past year and will discuss the upcoming trial. This webinar is designed to give participants the information needed to speak about why the prosecution of aid workers sets a dangerous precedent for people of conscience everywhere.

Register Now
Additionally, if you are outraged about the government's ongoing interference with our aid efforts in the midst of a crisis of death and disappearance in our borderlands, we invite you to write an op ed or letter to the editor using our Editorial Guide, to follow us on social media and post during the trial using our Social Media Toolkit, and, if you can, make a donation to our work.
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1 week ago

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